Manufacturing & Testing Facilities

Manufacturing facilities

We have a world class manufacturing unit enabling us to produce world class control cables and other automobile parts. A manufacturing unit confirming to the latest technological standards of modern auto industry has provided it with the niche it has secured in the market. With an enviable infrastructure offering you MORE…it has become a synonym for good quality at an affordable price for a wide variety of products. We take pride in being the largest supplier of control cables to BAJAJ AUTO LTD, one of the largest producers of two-wheelers & three-wheelers in INDIA.

Today, AEPL boasts of a high standard infrastructure which consists of:

  • A team of technically qualified professionals that keeps a constant vigil at various stages of manufacturing.
  • Over 5000 square meters of land spread
  • 3300 square meters of built-up factory at Bilimora, South Gujarat, India.
  • AEPL is fully equipped to take on the most challenging aspects of manufacturing control cables with up-to-date in-house tool room, machine shop and press shop facilities. Also products can be developed as per buyer's specifications.
  • Consistently, AEPL has embarked on automation of its various processes of manufacture by progressively installing special purpose machines.

The devotion and dedication to its work has made AEPL as one of the favorites among the customers. Our skilled professionals understand even the most intricate details of the product that enable them to produce quality product.

AEPL is the only company in India which has the complete manufacturing facilities for all inputs required for making control cables In House.

The equipment available is all with the latest technology. Equipments like High Speed Stranding Machines, Auto Coilers, Hot and cold Chamber Die-Casting Machines, range of Extruders and Presses, SPM's for Cable Making, besides a fully fledged Machine Shop.

Testing facilities

The company has special Purpose Testing Machines for Control Cables. The testing machines include Proof Load Testing, Tensile Testing, Endurance Testing, Cable Performance Testing like Load and Stroke Efficiency, Crushing Load Testing, Rocking Durability Testing and Buckling Load Testing under different ambient temperature. Besides this, we have equipments to test the inputs for cables like Salt Spray Testing, Hardness Testing, Plating Thickness Testing, etc.

ACEY’s State of the art Engineering Center incorporates the latest in complete Testing, Validation and Development facilities. As a result it not only enables us to comply with the stringent international quality standards but also we take a step further in improving the quality by the strength of our Development Capabilities.

The Cable is installed on the test rig as per routing diagram on the vehicle. The test is conducted at – 40 ˚C for 1,00,000 cycles +80 ˚C for 1,00,000 cycles and at ambient temperature for 8,00,000 cycles. The operating lengths are measured after every 1000 cycles to ascertain that no extraordinary elongation of inner cables or compression of outer cables.

The Cables are installed on the test rig as per routing on the vehicle. The cable is tested at ambient temperature up to 10,00,000 cycles. The physical appearance, defect if any, the elongation are recorded in the test reports.

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